In circumstances where a motorist is stuck in a travel lane, and with the consent of the motorist, FSP Operators have the option of using their vehicle's push bumper to gently push a stranded vehicle to the roadside, to increase safety for motorists and other commuters. A push bumper is only intended to help clear the lanes and will not be used to relocate a vehicle for long distances.


If FSP is not able to quickly repair a vehicle, the FSP Operator may tow your vehicle, free of charge, to an off-freeway location. FSP is not permitted to tow a vehicle to the motorists' home or to a repair or maintenance shop. Their sole purpose is to help motorists with stalled vehicles on the freeway.

Once towed to a safe location, motorists may then contact a towing company, private insurance company or other assistance. FSP Operators are prohibited from making recommendations for towing companies. The Honolulu Police Department may also assist motorists in contacting a zone tow service company. FSP drivers are not allowed to receive any payment, including tips, from motorists.

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