I was incredibly grateful! We were a mother and daughter stuck on the freeway at night with a rental.

Howard was very helpful, professional and effective. I didn’t know about the FSP but now think, ya’ll are the best! 

The gentleman that stopped to help us was wonderful! He used his jack and battery operated tools to help facilitate a much faster tire change thereby getting me off the side of a busy freeway quicker.

The FSP program should be continued. I felt safe knowing they were there to help me and protect me from cars while I waited for the police department and the other tow trucks.

You provided a scary situation to a safe place! Mahalo for all you do!

Junior and Alan were very helpful and the timing was on point! Excellent service!

I am so grateful for this service, Rodney was so kind and it was a great relief for my nervousness.

Thanks for helping! I would have still be stuck on the highway!

Relieved! Mr. Perez was professional, courteous and especially at 4:30 in the morning! Thank you Freeway Service Patrol and the Hawaii DOT, you’re a lifesaver!

Excellent service to have when stuck on the busy freeway!

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