Excellent…Thank God he was there!

He did an incredible job!  He made me feel so safe.

Kevin was great!  Fast and friendly!  Thanks for the help.

Patrolman Kevin Kaawa was awesome!  Thank you for your help!

Awesome service—Please keep FSP going!

Extremely courteous driver and helpful.  Awesome program!  Good job FSP!

What a great program…Thank you so much.

Excellent service. I think it is well worth the expense.  Thanks!

Great service. Response time was fast. Relieved that someone came right away.

The response time and service was outstanding.  Operator/driver was very courteous and knowledgeable.

Thanks for the time and help!!  Service was great. 

Best thing ever.

A very excellent plan

Service person was very courteous and professional

His help eased the fear of my two little children.  This program is very much needed.

Let’s make the service permanent (even if a small fee is required).
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